Ida Hallgren


Philosophical Practice

During the last few decades something has happened to the role of philosophy in society. Philosophy is finding its way back from having become reserved for academic discourses, to once again be part of everyday happenings — just like things used to be in different times and cultures, in the ancient Greece and ancient China.

In 1979 a hospital in Mississippi hired the philosopher Paul Sharkey as a philosopher in residence. Some years ago the Italien city Corigliano d'Otranto hired a philosopher as a consultant to be available for its residents. In Australia Philosophy for Children is an integrated part of elementary education. Two academic journals publish research articles on philosophical practice: International Journal of Philosophical Practice och Journal of the American Philosophical Practitioners. In 2011 the Swedish Society for Philosophical Practice was formed.

For more information about the Swedish Society for Philosophical Practice Click Here.

The Society for Philosophy in Practice represents the English-speaking community of philosophical practitioners, particularly but not exclusively in the UK. For more information Click Here.

Philosophical Practice in Scandavia

The Norwegian Society for Philosophical Practice

The Danish Society for Philosophical Practice

Philosophical Practice in Finland

Philosophical Practice in America

American Philosophical Practitioners Association

The National Philosophical Counseling Association

Philosophical Practice in Canada

Canadian Society for Philosophical Practice